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A Lot to do About Nothing

This project stems from the idea of self-care, but is very personal to me. The Thesis stems from watching my friends at Pratt, and more prominently my girlfriend, work themselves around the clock. Of course being productive is important and there's a lot on our plates with classwork, securing a job, and now COVID precautions.So my thesis, and the brand I created fro it are about the importance of just doing nothing.

hiatus cover.jpg
hiatus survey 1-01.png

Do to the personal nature of this Thesis I decided to focus my research efforts on my friends and family. I blasted a survey out to as many as I could, and used the answers to inform the direction of the brand. The variety of answers to Questions like; "what do you do with your free time?" informed the visual direction. Additional questions like; do you ever feel unable to take a break? helped inform the nature of the product. 

food Hiatus cover-01.jpg

hiatus is a satirical brand created to encourage people to take a break every once in a while. The aesthetic is minimalistic, and professional, while setting a friendly and approachable tone. Based on research into what people like to do with their free time, the brand was divided into multiple categories and fun, illustrative icons were created for each category. The branding part of the thesis has two main services: a subscription box and an app focused on time management. Each box is filled with its own unique nothingness for you to enjoy and a little punchline on the inside cover. The app on the other hand, is an infinite loading screen giving people an excuse to zone out or go do other things.

thesis box MUs web copy.jpg
thesis box MU2 web.jpg
thesis box ic web.jpg
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