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Alter is a lifestyle brand with an emphasis on sustainability. Built for young, adventurous and creative people, and designed to inspire people to help save the planet. The clothing, footwear, boards, and skate gear are manufactured by upcycling old materials. Alter has all the flair of Vans and Obey, with the goals and and ingenuity of Patagonia.

alter logo display 1.jpg
alterblue display.jpg

I decided to lean into the color scheme since people were responding to it very well. Each color in the Alter scheme has an associated graphic element. The blue is the most graphic aesthetic featuring a vibrant set of skulls and targets.

The yellow features illustrative flames meant to mimic motion and energy.

alteryellow display.jpg

The red aesthetic is the crazy stripes formed by upcycling skateboards into furniture, sculptures, and even new boards.

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